Flattering Lingerie for Your Body Type

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Posted on September 18 2017

Flattering Lingerie For Your Body

Do you know what lingerie to look for according to your body shape?  Do you know how to showcase your best assets so that you look and feel fabulous? If the answer is no, then shopping for lingerie can be a bit frustrating, to say the least. But, it's not as daunting as you might think when you know what to look for and go in prepared.

The first thing to consider is that what each of us considers sexy is a matter of personal preference. The versatility of lingerie is part of its charm and it can be tailored to fit virtually any lifestyle, personality, shape, mood, and more. Don't feel that you have to steer clear of a particular style right away. Have an open mind and be willing to maybe step out of your comfort zone.

The main thing to keep in mind regardless of your shape is that you won't go wrong keeping to lingerie pieces that accentuate your best assets. The goal...To feel sexy and empowered so that your confidence shines through and extends to virtually every other aspect of your life.

The Apple Shape

For the ladies with more of an apple-shape, the waistline is your widest measurement; your hips and bust are narrower in comparison. So, lingerie that elongates the line of your body works great on you! Like a bodysuit with deep V-neck for example. Or, if you happen to be busty too then look for options with side boning at the breasts, or underwire for extra support and coverage.


For the ladies who are built with wider shoulders and get slimmer on the way down, try switching up your standard matching bra-and-panty routine! Don't be afraid to layer on a babydoll chemise or slip that will flatter your broader-set shoulders with "essential" item. The flair at the bottom of the babydoll will help to promote symmetry and add your over-all curvature while the see-through mesh allows for a sneak peek at what is to come.


The opposite of carrot-shaped are the pear-shaped ladies, who have more narrow shoulders and broaden at the hips. In this case, you’ll want to seek out intimates that accentuate your upper body, bringing the attention to your arms, shoulders, and cleavage. One option for this is a Bandeau that cuts straight across your torso. These work wonderfully with smaller chests because they create the appearance of width on the top. If you do with a two-piece set, then try pairing it with a brief style bottom, bikini or thong.

If a two-piece isn't your thing, then try a babydoll that offers a halter neck top. This will give the appearance of creating cleavage and draw the eyes up while the rest of the item gently falls over your hips.


We agree... A lot of "sexy" lingerie isn't always made with the super busty woman in mind. But, there are fashionable, underwire options available to you as long as you know where to look.  Also, make sure you know your breast type. Knowing if they are splayed, wide-set or anything else will ultimately assist you in knowing what will fit you the best in the long term. You might want to get a professional bra fitting to assist you with this!

Then ask yourself, what exactly are you looking for your lingerie to do? If you are looking for a basic bra, you may want to focus on something that offers the under-wire and support while also offering plenty of coverage so you aren't spilling out over the top throughout the day. If you are looking to accentuate your cleavage and show the girls off, then a nice balconette or demi style lingerie piece (or bra) will do the trick. (It doesn't hurt to be familiar with bra companies that cater to the larger chested women either.) Then pair this with a cute high-waisted boy short to enhance your natural curves and balance out your larger top.


Small Chest

Some of you ladies don't require much in the way of support on top. You might even be able to forgo bras altogether...Believe it or not, but you actually have more flexibility than most in the intimate wear department. However, that doesn't mean you aren't prone to a few problems too.  For you, it's possible that the bras you do wear are constantly slipping at the straps and causing a nuisance. To remedy this in the bra department, I suggest finding the pieces designed with the small chest in mind such as the Sascha or Yvonne Bra by The Little Bra Company. As for the lingerie pieces, you can get away with a lot. Though, one style that you might have a hard time with is the demi cut or underwire options.

Short Torso

If you find that you have a naturally high waist and extra long legs... Then focus on lingerie pieces that will give you the appearance of your torso being longer such as a sexy lace teddy that elongates the sides or a babydoll/chemise that accentuates your breasts and falls mid-thigh level.

As for the bottoms...You can try a variety of hipsters and/or low rise bikinis or thongs. Though, in good practice, you will want to stay away from the higher-waisted bottoms because that will only shorten your torso further. The goal is to elongate your midsection line which is typically created with lower-rise panties. It's suggested to avoid the high-waisted bottoms though. These typically only shorten your torso giving the opposite effect of what you are going for.

Long Torso

On the flip side...If you have a longer torso and shorter legs, then the best lingerie style suited for you is the super hot high-waisted pieces. These come and go with trends, but they made a come back a while back and look like they are here to stay for a while... especially with the super sexy retro craze that many ladies are drawn to!  
This looks flattering for many shapes; but for you, it will shorten your mid-section and elongate your limbs.  Have fun with it and get creative.  You can also go for a teddy with high sides to accentuate the length of your legs or a babydoll/chemise that falls gently below the derrière


As the name suggests, ruler-shaped bodies are straight throughout — without much variation between your shoulder, waist, and hips. The key is finding lingerie that will enhance your curves. Unlike traditional bras with bands that are an inch or 2 wide, longline bras and bralettes that extend farther down the torso will enhance and draw the curvature of your waist. You can also go with the high waisted bottoms to accentuate your middle. Either way, both of these styles draw in the waist and fill out your shape a bit.

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