5 Common Sexual Health Issues for Women

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Posted on September 18 2017

Are there really common sexual health issues for women?

Why...Yes, there is!

Every woman deserves a healthy and active sex life! And, when something in a woman's sex life isn't working...Well, it can be completely disheartening and disappointing. Not to mention flat out devastating too. What's even more difficult, is that these issues are often hard to discuss with friends or caregivers resulting in the silent suffering of embarrassment, shame, and guilt for so many women! The good news.... it's often just a simple lack of knowledge so we can make some adjustments. The bad's that same lack of knowledge that drives so many women into their own prison of thoughts!  We just flat out don't know what it is we don't know!  Yet, we speculate and assume in silence which only further compounds the problem. This typically results in long-term negative effects on the very relationships most important to her.

But not surprisingly, issues with intimacy and sexuality are something that thousands of women experience at some point in their life. Meaning, it is so much more common than we realize! So it's time to open up and talk about it. There is no reason for so many women to suffer in silence anymore.

And, while there are so many things that can affect your overall sexual health, these 5 issues are some of the most common.

Medical Conditions

To start, medical conditions are one of the most common things that affect a woman's healthy sexual function. Things like vaginitis, vaginal dryness, yeast infections and bacterial infections are very real medical conditions that plague many women. Luckily these are all very treatable either over the counter or by prescription. But, they do wreak havoc on the unfortunate beholder of them at the time. They cause itching and burning at the very least and can make any normal task a little painful, let alone entertaining any thought of sexual activity.

And while these medical conditions are easy to treat when seen by a doctor (which I recommend that you do), not all medical conditions are as easy to clear up. Things like pelvic dysmorphia, vulvodynia and vaginal atrophy may be a little harder to treat and requires medical attention. However, these can be overcome with if they are brought to your doctor's attention. Again, you just can't sit silently though.



Other creeping culprits that affect your sexual health are certain medications. Things like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, some birth-control pills, and antihistamines such as Benadryl can affect your libido by making vaginal dryness an issue or just a flat-out lack of interest in sex altogether.  Often times these effects can be remedied by timing when you take the medication or trying to change it up and trying a different kind. Don't be afraid to talk with your doctor about it though. They may have another recommendation or remedy.

Depression issue that can pretty much crush all of your sexual health and function! And, with most studies agreeing that women are affected with depression in larger numbers than our counterparts, it comes as no surprise...We work, we take care of kids, we forgo sleep, we try to keep our homes running smoothly...For anyone who has suffered from depression, it's really not a shocker! It consumes your every waking moment and can unleash unmerciful grief on your body and your relationships. Again, don't be afraid to take these issues to your doctor. Depression is a very common and real issue that affects so many areas of our lives. Not just our sexual function!

Personal Self-Image

The fourth thing that comes to mind is our personal self-image. With all of the air-brushed images out there, it can be pretty hard to maintain a healthy view of ourselves. If we constantly compare ourselves (and many of us do..) then we will never be fully confident in our sexuality which will ultimately affect our interaction with our sexual partner. I know when I have put on a few pounds I have to work at keep my overly critical self-analysis out of the picture or it really does affect how comfortable I am with sexual activity. I know I'm not the only one either! I've talked to numerous women who battle these darn thought patterns. So, it comes as no surprise that it would rank high on the list of areas that affect our sexual health.

Life Changing Events

The last thing that comes to mind is major life events like childbirth, divorce or trauma. It goes without saying that after childbirth sex may take a downward swing for a time, but pregnancy can also affect the desire of many women. True, some women find themselves having an increased desire, but there are still many who don't. The libido falls drastically low for some women. So low, that sex doesn't even cross their minds - even in their wildest imaginations! This is when a good sex talk with your supportive other half is helpful. And, lots of foreplay! :)  Don't forget the foreplay! We don't always just rev up down there without a little help.

While childbirth and pregnancy are hopefully happy additions to a slowed down sex life for a time, there are other major life events that can cause devastating effects to your sexual health. Things like divorce, abuse, and sexual trauma can cause years and years of counseling, self-work, and therapy to overcome. They are not to be taken lightly. If your sexual health is suffering as a result of a major life trauma, the most important thing to remember is don't be afraid to seek assistance! You are not alone!

In fact, the common thread among all 5 of these common sexual health issues is that we are not alone! So often, we are left to the thoughts of our own devices and choose to sit and suffer in silence out of fear of embarrassment. Don't be afraid to talk to someone you trust!

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