The Little Bra Company “Sascha” Smooth Bra



The Little Bra Company Sascha “Smooth” Bra

The Sascha Smooth Bra is the best little bra around! Perfectly designed for the more petite ladies for adding the extra va-va-voom and enhancing your cleavage. Strapless, Multi-way, T-Shirt, and Lace options! 

Sizes Available: 28A - 38A (These bras do not come in anything larger than a C cup in any band size) 

We take pride in being a professional bra fitting boutique! Though you see one bra in stock, we feel that it's best to actually be fit into your bras by us. Please feel free to stop by our Cave Creek location (and/or give us a call to set up a private appointment at 480-469-6400) to personally see our selection of colors in this style bra. We would love to work with you directly! 

The Little Bra Company's story... "Once upon a time, Emily Lau dreamed of having the perfect bra. Years of shopping in department stores and sexy lingerie catalogs left Emily supremely frustrated, as she discovered that the bras that fit well looked like training bras and the sexy styles never fit quite right. She was not alone. Many of her petite girlfriends shared her lament and longed for a little help to fill out the latest fashions. Emily’s desire to make the most of her assets (without silicon or saline) prompted her to make the perfect little bra…with a BIG push, and eventually created The Little Bra Company®" — a brand that celebrates the notion that “Good things do come in small packages ."®

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