Your Go-To Guide for Buying and Wearing Lingerie

Amanda Thompson

Posted on April 10 2018

You may not think much about buying and wearing lingerie. You may even be of the opinion that you don't have anyone to wear it for, so why bother? But, the fact is, wearing lingerie is a part of your everyday tasks whether you admit it or not. If you are a woman and you wear a bra and panties, then you undeniably wear lingerie.

Another fact is that it can be a huge undertaking that feels insurmountable when it comes time to buy it and/or wear it. That part is unavoidable. Why?

Well, you have to find the right materials that feel the best on your skin, you have to find the right size, and you have to find the right style that suits you and makes you feel your best. Then, you have to take precious care of these delicate lingerie items, that you've likely spent a fortune on so that you don't screw them up in the wash.

So no matter how you look at it, lingerie is a part of your life. You might as well know the best way to buy and wear it. 

The first thing in starting your lingerie journey is to get a fitting by a professional. 

You may remember going to the store as a girl who was blossoming into a woman. Your mom took you and walked you through the steps of finding the right bra to fit you. However, chances are your mom never had a bra fitting either and so it's essentially the blind leading the blind and your mom's lack of knowing how to fit a bra was passed down to you. That is... unless your mom was a super bra fitter and knows what she is talking about. ;) 

I suggest to get the perfect bra, you have to get a fitting! I promise. It's totally worth it. It's super easy. You just make an appointment and go in to get measured. Once you know what to look for in a bra that fits well, then you are free to try on different styles with confidence. 

Before You Invest, Try Your Lingerie On

With all of the online purchases that you make daily, lingerie simply isn't something that should be one of them. I am always the advocate of trying your lingerie on before you buy it so that you can feel and see how it is going to look on your body. 

I say that knowing full well that I have an online store in conjunction with my Delightfully Vixen Lingerie Speakeasy. And, I love my online store! I wouldn't change it or take it down. I think it's a great avenue for shopping. Though, if you haven't really gone down the lingerie path and it's something new to you, then you really want to try things on until you know what styles look and fit best on your shape. You can read more about that here.

Little Bra Company Yvonne

Pay Close Attention To The Fabric

While the fit and style are pertinent to the overall happiness with your lingerie, the actual fabric cannot be ignored in the process. What is the garment made of? Is it flimsy and appears to be easily ruined? Is it going to be scratchy against you or your partner? A lingerie piece that is scratchy to anyone involved is a no-go!

Make Sure You Have All Of The Basics First

While it may be tempting to buy that fancy camisole, teddy, or bustier; make sure you have the basic bra and panties first. These are the items that you have to wear daily so the main investment should be placed here. Though, it's always okay to splurge in the bra and panty category so that you have an extra special pair or two.

ALWAYS Hand Wash Your Lingerie

I know it sounds like a daunting task, but you've made the investment so you might as well take the very best care of it that you can. Once you get used to it, then you will see that it isn't that much of a pain in the butt as you originally thought. Plus, when you use an amazing lingerie wash, the whole washing process gets even easier. 

I can promise you that if you throw your lingerie in the washing machine and dryer, you will shorten the life of your delicates tremendously. 

Last, But Certainly Not Least

Remember you are doing this for you! Don't give yourself the excuse that you don't have anyone to wear it for. Wear sexy bras, panties, and other lingerie pieces because it makes you feel sexy. Set your foundation in style. You are the most important person that needs to thoroughly enjoy your lingerie. Yes, it's great to have a partner...But, nowhere does it say that it is necessary at all. This is for you girl! No one else! 


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