9 Intimate Things Every Couple Should Try at Least Once

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Posted on September 18 2017

9 Intimate Things Every Couple Should Try at Least Once

We all know that no flame can burn forever...Unfortunately the same goes for intimacy too. And, over time our everyday schedules - the hustle and bustle of life - in general, create little time to focus on some of the more meaningful experiences with our partners. Though, passion and sexual tension are required in every relationship to be reignited regularly and keep those feelings of love strong and growing. We should all take the time to delight in each other!

See the following 9 things you can do as a couple to increase intimacy and your desire for each other.

1. Shower Together

Your daily shower is a very personal act in and of itself because it's a routine that is undergone in one’s own privacy. When you shower together, you break down this barrier of private space and get closer to each other. Rediscover and learn each other's bodies as you lather each other with foam. Feel each other's curves and shapes. Take pleasure in the ticklish spots.  A shower together can be very intimate and relaxing, full of sexual tension, or both.

2. Involve Food in Foreplay

There's just one main trick before using foods in foreplay... Lay down a towel or two to maintain the mess and make it more manageable. The bring out the fruits! Get your strawberries, bananas, and grapes and dip them in chocolate, syrup, honey and/or whipped cream.  Get creative for a totally intimate experience!


3. Give Each Other a Massage

What can go wrong with a little extra rubbing down of your partner?  Massages are relaxing and relieve a lot of tension. So, they are especially good to do after a long hard days work. It's a huge act of kindness that shows that you are understanding and care about your partner.


4. Help Each Other Shave

Now before you shake your head at this one, helping your partner to shave can be a very exhilarating experience that shows the trust you have built with each other. YES, it does require a great amount of trust, but it can help to build trust between two people as well. Let your partner teach you if you don’t already know and be patient with each other.

5. Shop for Underwear and Lingerie for Each Other


Many partners shy away from buying lingerie and underwear for their significant others because they are afraid they will get it wrong. But don't let that fear stop you! Who doesn’t love to receive a gift? You don’t even have to go to an actual store. You can shop online. But before that, take a peek at what brands and sizes your partner's underthings are. Then make sure you know what colors they like and a general sense of their style or what would look best on their body type and go for it.

Check out our website at! You'll find a great selection of lingerie for many fun sizes. 

6. Try a Little Bondage

This doesn't have to be as intimidating as you think it might. It really doesn’t have to be complicated. Start with a simple blindfold and whatever works to bind the hands, such as a men’s tie or women’s stockings. For the more “advanced” or more adventurous couples, you can buy real handcuffs and other locks or straps. In any case, safety first!  Be adventurous and know your basic boundaries. (You can also add #2 to this.)

7. Take a Long Hot Bath Together

Not to overshadow the showering together part, but a long hot bubble bath with the lights dim, a glass of champagne and candles burning nearby, this is an incredibly sexy and intimate experience that leaves everyone feeling a little breathless. You can even include some light massage and rose petals into this one.

8. Talk Sexy to Your Partner

It comes to us as no surprise how personal erotic writings, talking dirty, and sexting could be a good way of communicating to your partner in a subtle but still sexy manner. Reveal to each other your secret fantasies and yearnings. This could work really well for couples who are in a long-distance relationship. Use secret pet names for each other. Be unreserved with your imagination. Let the real you shine through!

9. Play Sexy Games Together

What better fun than to spice up your sexy time with some fun games? These are a great way to learn more about your partner. From dice rolling games to books that have over 100 game options, you not only learn more about each other but often get a chance to try some more daring things that you might not otherwise attempt on your own.

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