7 Keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality

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Posted on September 18 2017

Sex is like air; it's not important unless you aren't getting any. -Anonymous

Healthy Sex is Potent Medicine

Medical Serpent 7 Keys to Lifelong Sexuality

Healthy sexual activity is some very powerful stuff! In fact, it can be considered as the universal fuel of life to some people. Most of us know that it has the capacity to nourish the human body, mind, and spirit. But, did you know that people who do not participate in a healthy sexual exchange actually develop a range of both, mental and physical health disorders more frequently than their sexually active counterparts?

Bottom line is this...Good health leads to good sex, and good sex can lead to good health! Your sex life can, and will, get better with age, with your intimacy growing stronger and more pleasurable with each passing year by following these simple and straightforward 7 keys to lifelong sexual vitality.


1. Understand Your Sexuality

A true understanding of your sexuality is vital to lifelong sexual vitality!  If this is something you have never really given any thought, then it's high time you do.

  • What brings you sexual pleasure?
  • What makes up your fantasies?
  • What sort of non-violent sexual acts among consenting adults do you find repugnant?
  • What type of non-violent sexual acts do you refuse to engage in because of your upbringing?
  • What are some common terms around sex that you grew up with?
  • What are some of your past experiences with sex?

Ask yourself these questions and be completely honest. Is your answer based on fear, logic, emotion?

Do your answers come from a religious background, or from family expectations? We are all programmed, to a certain degree, to think and act like those around us. How you truly feel hold many answers and opens the first key to lifelong sexual vitality.

Now, lets us also consider the fact that understanding your sexuality is about so much more than just sex. It not only includes your body, your sexual and reproductive anatomy and body image but also how you feel about your body. It also includes things like your thoughts, sexual orientation, sexual behaviors, values, and ideas about life... Consider the following...

  • What is your biological sex? — male, female, or intersex
  • What gender are you? — girl, boy, woman, man, or transgender, or genderqueer
  • What gender do you identify with? — feelings about and how you express your gender
  • What is your sexual orientation and/or preference?  — who you're sexually attracted to
  • What are your desires, thoughts, fantasies, and sexual preferences?
  • What are your values, attitudes, and ideas about life, love, and sexual relationships?
  • What are your sexual behaviors? — masturbation, casual sex, monogamous, polyamorous...

There is truly nothing more gratifying than knowing yourself at a level that makes you happy, though it may confuse and bewilder others.


2. Imagine Your Sexuality

Let's now use our imagination...After all, desire starts in the mind! In order to liberate yourself from the constraints you may be so used to, you must banish the shame, anxiety, guilt, and inhibitions about sexual expression. Basically, that means opening your mind to new ways of thinking about sexuality. Imagine what you want! No one else gets to go in your mind but you. Take full advantage of it and imagine away.

You've heard "you are what you eat"...Well, you are what you think too!

Side rant...This is where we have such a disservice to so many people! The way the topic of sex is handled is downright depressive and almost criminal. Society has made sex such a taboo topic that shouldn't be discussed, yet we think about it constantly and are exposed to it through various channels at very young ages. No wonder we are all so confused!


3. Express Your Sexuality

Expressing your sexuality in a healthy way is crucial to lifelong sexual vitality! What makes you feel sexy? How do you like to be touched and how do you like to touch? Do you like having sex in a gentle and loving way? Or, maybe a little bit rougher? It could be that you like BDSM? Whatever the case, in a healthy sexual relationship you should be able to express your desires.

This could also include experimenting with some things that you may not have ever thought of. If a trusted partner comes to you with some ideas of his/hers and would like to explore. Then have an open mind and be willing to at least give it some thought before you discount it.


4. Protect Your Sexuality

"An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away." - Actress Mae West (1893-1980)

Protect Sexuality

Many people don't stop to think about protecting our sexuality. But our bodies are affected by the chemicals and pollution we eat and surround ourselves with. So, it's a critical factor when discussing lifelong sexual vitality. While it is growing increasingly difficult to avoid all pollution and chemicals through sources such as water, medicines, cosmetics, personal care products and many more (we literally cannot get away from all of them). Unfortunately, these things contribute to all sorts of sexual dysfunction from low sperm counts, erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, etc.

Another crucially important factor in lifelong sexual vitality is the "use it or lose it" mentality. This is NOT just a cliché! Imagine two people playing ball...If one person leaves the game, you can no longer play with the same intensity. This same rule applies to all sexual activity. If you aren't sexually active at all (even through means of masturbation) then your body will drop in sexual chemistry potential. This has an overall effect on your health!


5. Nourish Your Sexuality

Nourish Sexuality 

Nourishment is fuel for the mind and the body. It simply cannot be discounted if you are looking to have lifelong sexual vitality. Nutrients in our diet can, and will, play a huge part in your overall sexual health whether you want them to or not. I personally think a diet high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the best way to go. They contribute to energizing your sexual health overall.

Nourishment is fuel for the mind and the body. It simply cannot be discounted if you are looking to have lifelong sexual vitality. Nutrients in our diet can, and will, play a huge part in your overall sexual health whether you want them to or not. I personally think a diet high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds are the best way to go. They contribute to energizing your sexual health overall.

But, don't take my word for it...Some of the following are the most recommended natural alternatives to fertility drugs by the Hippocrates Institute Guide to Sex, Health, and Happiness...

    • Ginger in various forms of tea and spice for your foods
    • Ginseng for male infertility
    • Guava (and other high vitamin C foods) for male infertility
    • Spinach (high-zinc foods) for poor sperm count
    • Herbal Formulas for female infertility
    • And many more!


    6. Enhance Your Sexuality

    Sexuality is usually enhanced through sex as a form of recreation, a procreative act, or to tranquilize yourself when stressed. These are definitely all great ways to enhance your sexuality giving you more sexual lifelong longevity. But... What if I told you that there is a fourth category of sexual expression that is so powerful that both men and women have said they experience multiple orgasms while engaging in it? In fact, this method of sexual enhancement is so strong that you can literally achieve a transcendent state of spiritual bliss!

    And, no...We aren't speaking of some hokey new-age myth. According to the Hippocrates Institute, this is highly possible through a sexual practice known as tantric sex. Tantra provides lessons in conscious intimacy that enables anyone to expand their potential for pleasure...Though, pleasure isn't the actual goal. We won't go into a lot of it now, but stay tuned. This is a topic for further discussion. In the meantime, check out the links below to learn more.


    7. Prolong Your Sexuality

    "Sexual Intercourse is kicking death in the ass while singing" - Novelist Charles Bukowski 

    Regardless of what you've heard, prolonging your sexuality well into old age is possible if you live a healthier lifestyle by eating whole foods (not processed), treat each day as a new learning adventure, remain sexually active, and stay fit and strong.

    Will your sexuality diminish as you age? Yes! The hard cold fact is YES! There is no getting around the testosterone levels declining in men and the hormonal upsets in women. However, by applying these 7 keys, you may increase your chance of sexual vitality many years beyond what would normally be your personal result. If nothing else, it sure can't hurt!

    What are some healthy steps you take to ensure your sexual vitality?

    Extra Website and Resources for those of you who desire to learn all you can to save your sexuality... - Devoted to sacred sexuality. - Sex Educator who promotes conscious sexuality based on sacred practices such as Tantra. - Maintained by sexologist Veronica Monet, this website features a variety of useful information about relationships and sex, emphasizing sex-positive advice. - Home site of the American Association of Sexuality, Educators, Counselors, and Therapists - Created by Sex Addiction experts that hosts a sex questionnaire that could be helpful in determining whether you have a sex compulsion problem.

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