5 Ways to Have More Sexual Confidence in your Relationship

Amanda Thompson

Posted on April 05 2018

5 Ways to Have More Sexual Confidence in your Relationship!

It's just about unanimous...One of the sexiest traits you can have is confidence! And, when that confidence translates to the bedroom, it can take sex to a whole new level of mind-blowing wow! But for many of us, confidence takes a backseat when it comes to sexually engaging with our partners.  And sadly, knowing how to gain sexual confidence isn't always the easiest thing in the world. 

"Self-confidence is connected to so many things especially when it comes to our sexuality and how we behave," sexologist Michelle Hope M.A. exclaims. "Sexuality in the context of human behavior is something that has implication rooted in one's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. It is a part of our everyday decisions whether we are conscious of it or not."

So, there you have it. Having self-confidence in bed is a huge deal! Meaning that being sexually confident with our partners is an essential part of a thriving relationship. 

Many studies have shown that heterosexual women have fewer orgasms than any other counterpart. One major reason for this is many women just don't speak up in bed. Whether it's from society or other restrictions, many hetero-women don't feel that their sexual needs are as important as their partners. But, this myth has to be dispelled by constantly bringing the importance of sexual satisfaction to the forefront. Without it, relationships are lost every day. 


So, here are 5 ways you can start to increase your sexual confidence. 

1. Communicate With Your Partner

I understand that communicating your most inner needs and desires can be difficult. But, when in a committed relationship, this is the one thing that we really do need to be able to do no matter what. Ask yourself if you are holding yourself back based out of your own insecurities, or are you truly afraid of your partner's sexual judgment?  

If your fears are unfounded and you know that they reside in your own insecurities, then make the effort to break through those fears so that you and your partner can experience the mind-blowing sex that you probably are both wanting. 

However, if you are genuinely afraid of being sexually judged by the one you are supposed to be able to be the most transparent with, then you may need to question if you are with the right partner, to begin with. Sx is the very closest you can get to someone else. There is no room for judgment. 


Read more about Sexual Confidence...The Sexually Confident Wife


2. Make Boundaries Known 

Does knowing what you want out of the bedroom come pretty easily?  Whereas, when it comes to talking about sex with your partner, do you find yourself clamming up and having a hard time expressing yourself? 

If this is you, you are not alone! Many women find that expressing what they want and need is a lot easier when it's more about daily talk. But, I can't stress enough, the importance to have the conversations about sex and boundaries with your partner about what may or may not be comfortable to you given the opportunity to sexually explore.

It's far easier to know ahead of time than to be in the middle of having sex and then find yourself at a loss due to shock. Or worse, have your immediate reaction be one of repulse after your partner has suggested something you would never dream of. It definitely doesn't set the stage for very open communication down the road.  

Not only that, even if you don't have a long-term partner, knowing your boundaries with anyone you engage with is always good practice!


3. Take Sexy Out of the Bedroom Too

One of the very first things to work on is your own personal self-confidence! If you find you are having a hard being confident in the bedroom, then start small with things that make you feel a little sexier inside. 

It goes without saying, the more confidence you have outside of the bedroom, the more confidence you will have in the bedroom. 

4. Masturbate to Explore What You Like and Use Your Imagination

You have likely heard this before, but knowing what feels good to you is crucial to being able to express and communicate with someone else. And, if you masturbate using nothing but your imagination, then you'll get a pretty big dose of what turns you on. 

Read more about masturbation with this book: Sex Yourself by Carlyle Jansen

5. Love Yourself

Last but not least ladies...Love who you are. Love yourself! You are first and foremost in a relationship with you, yourself, and you! If you can't love yourself and feel free expressing who you are, then get to a place where you do. 

I know this is a big area that is easier said than done. There have been thousands of self-help books and articles on this topic. But, it is a vital step in establishing self-confidence inside and outside of the bedroom. 

What are some of the things you do to boost your sexual confidence in the bedroom? 

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  • charlene charlie: April 09, 2018

    be active, participate and stay present
    (in the moment) yes… 🕺💃

    it takes 2 to tango (sit it out or dance) 🤸

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