4 Reasons Your Bras Aren't Lasting As Long As They Should

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Posted on February 07 2018

4 Reasons Your Bras Aren't Lasting As Long As They Should

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From what I've experienced, we all have a love-hate relationship with bras, don't we? It's simply a double-edged sword! Sure, they give us perky boobs...But, then we feel like a caged rat while wearing them too. I mean, seriously! How many of us literally walk through the door at the end of the day looking to rip them off? 

So, we end up buying more and more bras trying to find that right one. And, while we may own hundreds of them, we only have a few that we actually wear. These are the ones that fit like a second skin. You know, the ones that we forget that we are wearing for the time being and can get through our day without tugging, pulling and adjusting. 

But alas, three months into our close relationship with our bra, it turns around and stabs us in the heart! It doesn't stay put, the straps fall down, it looks tattered and worn. So, if you fall into this category and have a hard time maintaining a special relationship with your bra, then you might be doing the following wrong...



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1. You're buying the wrong size

I know you've already heard it before. But, getting sized into the correct bra is absolutely essential! When bras are the wrong size you are either cramming yourself into them or expecting to miraculously grow some boobs, then you are asking for trouble right from the start. 

Just a tip...When you are purchasing a bra, make sure you fasten it on the last hook so there is room for the band to stretch some. This way, as the band stretches, you can slowly tighten it up by moving your clasp in little-by-little. The bra inevitably is going to lose some elasticity. Purchase with knowing this in mind. 


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2. You're washing them wrong

So, everyone is guilty of this at one time or another. Especially when it is always recommended to hand-wash all of your under-garments. However, washing instructions for your delicates are essential to preserving the lifespan of your bras! Machine washing is the absolute worst thing you can do to your bras. It just is and there is no way to get around it.

Throwing them in with the rest of your laundry is a death sentence to your bra. No wonder it turns around and stabs you in the heart later! So, skip the fancy washer and dryer and hand wash your delicates in cold water with Eucalan. I know it sounds barbaric, but I promise...Your bras will thank you. 

If you absolutely must use your washing machine in a pinch, then I recommend using a delicate laundry wash like Eucalan and using a lingerie bag. However, never, ever use a washing machine with that old "agitator" thing in the middle of it. These will bend your wires and give you nothing but nightmares! 

You can read more about the proper way to wash and care your bras here...
Lingerie Wash and Care Instructions


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3. You're not storing them right

Are you one of the many who throws your bras in a drawer, or in the bottom of your closet? We all fall into this at one point or another. But, there are few ways to remedy this. You can always buy a lingerie organizer if you think that will help, but using the top drawer of your dresser is a great solution too. 

Your molded cups and push-up bras should be stored flat with each cup fitting into the next. When they lay in piles with creases, they will start to fall apart and tatter a lot more often! 



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4. You aren't giving your bras a break

Ok...So here is where we are ALL guilty! We wear our bra for only a few hours. We haven't done anything major except sit around and maybe work. So, we get home and throw our bra on the floor (or for you tidier ones...lay it over a chair) so that we can wear the bra again tomorrow...

I won't go into the hygienic reasons this isn't good. It's just not good for your bra to be worn day after day without giving it a break. The fibers and elastic need a chance to breathe after every wear, to say the least. In good practice, a bra should only be worn twice before it needs a washing, and you should give the bra at least a 1-day break between wearings. Ideally, the bra should take a 2-3 day break. This gives the elastics and materials time to recover fully and take back their shape. 

Now, if you live in the desert like I do. Then, I would suggest washing your bra between each wear during those hot summer months. When it's 110 degrees outside, well, we sweat ladies! Our bras are the collectors of the infamous boob sweat! Give your bra a break!



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